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Harvest Championship 2022 full details..

As the summer championship will end at the beginning of August, we felt it would feel bad if we started a new one and called it "winter"... On the Gaelic calendar, autumn or Fómhar which loosely translates as harvest, starts in August. And interestingly, the months September (Meán Fómhair) and October (Deireadh Fómhair) translate as “middle of harvest” and “end of harvest.” So... We have decided to have a Harvest Championship this year!!

It will be a short one with 5 rounds, and best 3 to count.

The Championship Dates have been posted to the Club Calendar

We will be running the Championship to our the General Rules and Championship Regulations.

Race Format:

We will be following the same format as we did for Summer, with 3 Qual and a 3 Leg Final. Max of 6 cars per heat and final.

Clubman and Open will race together, but heats will be seeded based on Driver Gradings

Click here to see current driver gradings. These will be updated after the end of the summer championship.

Tyres will be a control tyre, and Hot Race Buggy Foams must be used on all 4 wheels of both 2WD and 4WD.

Booking in...

We will be keeping the current bookin process going, this can be done as normal Here

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