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    Our latest EOS carpet Track

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    Our new pit area

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    Our old astro track

Our Venue

The Dublin Model Car Club is the only permanent indoor track in Ireland. It is totally protected from the elements. All drivers tables have power wired directly to them with chairs provided. The venue is set up with a full PA system with speakers on the rostrum and in the pit area. There are large screens on the wall to view race details and timing. Screens and PA system is connected to our timing system.

The track is new EOS carpet of the type used at the Hudy Arena, and at the popular Euro Off-Road Series.

Our jumps are made from CAD files provided by THR Racing, which are used at the EOS series, and many many large clubs across the UK. These are constructed from Birch Play, and covered in carpet. More are being put together all the time. So keep an eye on the track photos.

  • Track area: 28M x 12M
  • Pit area seats 24 with 1.6M x 80cm table for each racer. This can be increaced to more if needed.
  • Double Socket (230VAC) and chair for each racer.
  • Mylaps RC4 system (RC2, 3 and 4 transponders work, also later MRT transponders work
  • A number of transponders available for loan to new drivers
  • Parking, we have tons of parking, easily enough if the venue is full to its limit.
  • For more information about cost to race, rules, joining the club, race fees, etc. Click here
  • If you`d like just to watch a race, there is plenty of room behind a protective wall in the pit.

Drivers can literally arrive and drive!

Though we have a small request for anyone wanting to visit the club for a look, you dont need to join, Just book in for contact tracing. Just put your name on the booking form, click here.

How our club works..

Our Club is just that, a group of like minded individuals with an interest in racing toy cars! We are not a business trying to make money. Every penny that comes in from members or any other source goes to the club... no exception.

Our club is run by a committee, governed by the club constitution which is published on the website for all to read.

All work is done by our members, the racing is organised by our members, and everything is paid for by our members.

We try our best to help and work with anyone interested in getting into RC Car racing, with advice on equipment, set up etc. We pride ourselves on being friendly and helping everyone as much as we can!!

A short history of our Club

The DMCC was founded in the 1980s. It has had a few homes over the years and has raced a few different classes of model car. For example, we raced buggies in the early 80s in a carpark in Balbriggan and a field near swords. We then moved to Marlay Park, and Griffeen Valley Park and raced on grass with the help of the OPW. In the winter we would race touring cars in Taney Parish Hall.

We then got our first go at setting up a permanent indoor track in a helicopter hanger in North County Dublin. This was only ever temporary, but it gave us a taste for a permanent indoor track! We then had a short stint in a tiny shed near Coldwinters in Nth Dublin, again very very temporary

After one final trip back to Griffeen Valley Park and a summer of rain every weekend, we decided to get our our act together and build a permanent track in Naul, Co. Dublin (its officially in Meath, but we wont mention that). So in 2012 we moved into a shed, and created a pretty great Astro Turf track, with little or no money and a lot of effort from our members. See the photos at the top of the page for a look at the astro track...

In late January 2020, all this came to an end when the building next door caught fire. The roof on our side was destroyed and between falling debris, water and rain most of our stuff was wrecked. Jumps, Astrotruf, Tables, Chairs, etc. Due to Covid 19, the repair of the building took longer than expected, and of course Lockdowns slowed any hope of rebuilding the club. Click here if you want to see a bit about the fire.

But.... rebuild we did. With a core bunch of members who drove the rebuild. Some amazing members who continuted to pay racefees even though we werent even racing! We cleared out all the damaged stuff and started afresh in the building next door that had been repaired. We created the track you see in the photo above, and can read about in the venue details also above.