• Fire

Not the best year for the DMCC!!

As most members already know, racing came to an abrupt stop one Wednesday evening late in January. While racers set up and tested their cars, a thick black smoke started to enter the building. After quickly evacuating it became obvious that a huge fire had started in the adjoining building.

The Dublin Fire Brigade were on the scene quickly, followed by tenders from Meath Fire Brigade and fought all night to keep the fire under control and to try and limit the damage to our side of the building.


Above:DFB fighting the fire...

However, serious damage was done to our roof, and it was unsafe to continue racing, to the point where the future of the club was at risk.


Above:The day after the fire

We had hoped building work would be completed quickly, but of course the Covid 19 Lockdown put a stop to all construction work. Again, putting the future of the club into question.


Above:The state of the building when the lockdown started...

So time for some good news.......

Building work is now well underway, and if all goes according to plan it will be just a matter of weeks before its completed. Also, during the lockdown, the committee have been discussing plans for how things will look, and how racing will work. We arent there yet, but almost! With the acceleration of the governments roadmap, it looks like we will be able to do some form of racing from the 29th of July!!!

We are not going to jump back into normal racing, and we will likely start back with some form of limited open practice. But rest assured, we will be having a Post Covid Championship before you know it!!!


Above:Work is now well under way!!

We will keep members up to date with news as it comes, and if anyone has any questions, dont hesitate to give us a shout.

Wash your hands!!!

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