Club Information Page

This page contains all our Rules, Constitution, Fees, how we do things and general information about getting started in RC Car Racing. The information contained here is for long time members and new members alike.

If you would like to race at our club, please take the time to read all the information below.

LiPo (Lithium Polymer) Charging Sacks are mandatory at the DMCC Please Click here for details

Join The Club

This online form must be filled out by existing members and new members. Its required for our insurance.

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Facilities Usage

This online form must be filled in by anyone using the Dublin Model Car Clubs venue for anything other than RC Car Racing. E.g. Slot Cars, indoor flying etc.

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The Club Constitution

The Club Constitution contains all information regarding how the Club should be run, including election of the committee, Club Property, Financial and Equality rules etc. It was voted in by the Club Membership at an AGM, and all members agree to abide by it when they join the club. All Members are entitled to propose changes to the constitution each year at the AGM.

Click here to view The DMCC Club Constitution

DMCC Safety Statement

All members and people attending the Club must agree to abide by the clubs safety statement.

Click here to view The DMCC Safety Statement

General Rules

The Rule Book contains all rules regarding racing, technical regulations, competitions etc. These rules are designed to make racing fair for everyone and also to ensure there is some structure to the organised racing the DMCC participate in. These rules have evolved over the years to suit the changes in the way we do things. The Committee did not write these rules, the Members did! All Members are entitled to propose changes each year at the AGM. Like our Constitution, all members agree to abide by these rules when joining the club.

Click here to view TheDMCC General Rule Book

Current Championship Supplementary Regulations

With each Championship we publish a short set of supplementary regulations. This contains a few pointers from the general rules, plus some extra regulations on how we must run each race day. We arent overwriting any rules, but adding information on how the Race Director will run the day. The idea being that everyone knows what they should expect.

Click here to view the current Championship Supplementary Regulations

Drivers Etiquette

Racing is more fun if people race by the rules. No one likes to get taken out by other drivers. All members are expected to behave in a sporting manner at all times. We have put together this document to help drivers understand what they should be doing at a race meeting. Its useful for both new and experienced drivers alike. It is based on the rules and can be found in the General Rule Book.

Click here to read about Drivers Ettiquette

Guide To Marshalling

We all crash, even the best drivers. The Marshals are there to put you back on the track so you can continue your race.If you are going to race, you must Marshal. So here is a guide on what is expected of you while marshalling. Safety, is of course a priority, but we always say "Marshal as you would like to be Marshalled!!"

Click here to read our Guide to Marshalling

Race Fees

Race Fees need to be paid to the club in order to cover Rent, Light, Power etc. Here is a full list of fees for Members and Non-Members

Click here to see all DMCC Race Fees

Guide for Beginners/Getting Started

We have put this getting started section together to try and help new racers get started with model car racing in Ireland. From our experience we have had many potential members arrive along at our club with a car unsuitable to race. This is to help you get the right equipment and save some money!

Click here to read all you need to know to get started with RC Car Racing in Ireland

First Race for Beginners

Attending a race can be quite daunting for beginners. At the club we will do our best to make it easy for you, but here is a guide to what goes on, it will hopefully give you an idea as to whats happening around you on a raceday.

Click here to read the DMCC Newbies guide to Raceday.

Buggy Setup Guide

It can be difficult to know what to change on your car when its not going so well. Heres a simple rough guide on what to change in order to help the handling.

Click here to read the DMCC Setup Guide

Race Timetable

Currently, at the DMCC, we try to organise the day to a set time table. This is to ensure the day runs smoothly and allow us to finish at a resonable time

Click here to view the DMCC Race Timetable

A final note, somtimes members may feel that somthing is unfair or that things could be done better. We actively encourage members to have their say and get involved.

  • Discuss issues calmly with the Race Director or the appropriate Committee member
  • Email the Secretary with issues you may have
  • Propose changes to rules at the AGM, if you cant attend, the committee will do it on your behalf.
  • Join the Committee and get involved in running the club, new people on the committee is good for the club!!