Slot Car Racing at the DMCC....

A Slot Car Racing track has been built at the DMCC, it is now completed and open for racing. Slot Car racing for the uninitiated is Scalextric, but clearly more serious as it’s a bunch of grown men doing it. The track is approx. 7.5M x 2.5M, so is quite a long track, and far bigger than most of us had in our bedrooms when we were small.

There are 4 lanes, and racing is timed by computer. All kinds of cars are raced, from Formula 1 to Rally and from Touring Car to Le Mans (both vintage and modern types). So whatever cars you`re into, there`s something there for you.

If you want to just try it out, just come along anyway, you dont need to buy cars straight away as there are spare cars to try out.

Its suitable for all ages, and everyone is welcome.


A short video below of the first nights racing..

When will racing be held?

Racing will be held every second Thursday evening from 8pm. So racing will be on the following dates in 2016: 19-May, 02-Jun, 16-Jun, 30-Jun, 14-Jul, 28-Jul, 11-Aug, 25-Aug, 08-Sep, 22-Sep, 06-Oct, 20-Oct, 03-Nov, 17-Nov, 01-Dec, 15-Dec.


How much does it cost?

If you fancy trying out some slot car racing, you are welcome to come along. Your first two visits are free, after this you must pay the race fee of €5 for a night, pay a yearly subscription of €35 , and fill in this form..... CLICK HERE


What do I need?

If you haven’t raced slot cars before and want to try it, just come along, as there are plenty of loan cars available. If you get into it, the more experienced guys will be there to advise you of where to buy and what type of car to buy.


How long has Slot Car racing been held at the DMCC?

This is brand new to the club, and has been organised by a couple of regular RC Car racers, who have brought other Slot Car racers to the club. Though it’s in its infancy at the club, its already looking very popular, so there will be plenty of competition!


Who do I contact if I have any questions?

Just email us at if you have any questions, and we will be happy to answer.

One thing we can promise you, is that this is great fun and there is plenty of craic. You dont need to be doing it years to win (often the beginner wins!). Also it has been know for the slot car racers to bring cake, so thats as good a reason as any to try this out!!

See you there!!