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LiPo Sacks now Mandatory at the DMCC....

As of this year the governing body for RC car racing in Ireland, the RCCAOI, have now made it mandatory for racers to use LiPo Sacks when charging any batteries, the DMCC have now also made it mandatory. Throughout the world governing bodies and clubs have done the same, making it best practice to use them, we cannot ignore this. So the committee have introduced new rules, which have been ratified by EGM, to make it mandatory to use Lipo Sacks while charging any batteries while on the premises.

These sacks must be used for all Lithium Polymer(LiPo), Lithium Ion (LiIo), Lithium Iron (LiFe) batteries. Not just the ones you use in your car, but also Transmitter batteries, Reciever batteries etc.

Essentially, if you do not use a Lipo Sack you are not insured at the club. If you are not insured, you can`t race.

What are Lipo Sacks, and where do I get them?

LiPo Sacks are bags made of fire proof material, which you can put the battery in while charging. They are usually made of fibre glass material. If a fire occurs, they will contain the intense heat of the Lithium fire and minimise the damage to people and property.

Lipo Charging bags are not just any bag that you THINK will do the job. They must be made for the job!

LiPo Sacks can be purchased from any good Model Shop and the likes of Amazon, and can cost less than €5 up to about €12.

They can also be purchased from our Club Sponsor, MSD Models

Why must we use them?

Well, this really is a no brainer!

However, when a Lithium Polymer battery catches fire they burn extremely hot and violently. They generally catch fire due to user error, but have been know to burn when on a normal charge. When they do start to smoke, theres usually no stopping the fire. Have a look at the photo at the top of the page, have a look on Youtube to see what its like. At least if the battery is in a LiPo sack the fire will be contained somewhat and protect people and property around the fire.

Finally, and one of the more important reasons, we dont actually want ANYONE getting hurt while at our club!

What happens if I dont have one?

From the first day of the 2016 Summer Championship (1st May 2016), use of LiPo Sacks will be enforced.

If you arrive at the club without a LiPo sack, we will do our best to get you one to use. But if we can`t get you one, you will be told not to charge your batteries....at all!!

Also, Lipos are never ever to be stored at the track.

Lipo Charging sacks help protect you, those around you, the club and the members property. Use them!!!

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