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Hot Race Buggy Foams at the DMCC Information

This page contains all you need to know about Hot Race Buggy Foams, which are the only tyre allowed on the DMCC Carpet Track.

Where to get them

Buggy foams can be purchased from MSD models. Mick from MSD normally races at the DMCC, so if you email him at info@msdmodels.ie, he will be able to provide you with a set

Or you can order them directly from the MSD website

Buggy Foams Set (the same for 2WD and 4WD):


Buggy foams pre mounted on 12mm hex wheel (2WD):


Buggy foams pre mounted on 12mm hex wheel (4WD):


An alternative supplier is Ronnefalk Racing in Sweden. You will normally recieve these within the week. (2WD and 4WD uses the same tyre front and rear):


How to mount the tyre on a wheel

1. Remove the inner bead on both sides of the wheel. You can use a sharp knife, a sharp chisel, a dremel, or what ever works for you.

2. Cut double sided tape to the width of the wheel. The ideal tape is double sided carpet tape (the type you can get in any hardware shop). Then stick the tape to the wheel.

3. You are now ready to pull the tyre on to the wheel. However you will need a lubricant, we have found water, IPA, brake cleaner, contact cleaner all work well. Try a couple and see what works best for you. Put a little on the tyre and the tape.

4. Pull the tyre onto the wheel from the inside of the wheel. Dont be afraid to use a bit of elbow grease! Remember, if you mess it up, you can just pull the tape off and start again.

5. Once the tyre is on the wheel, pull it right to the edge and tease it properly into place so it comes right to the edge on either side, and its flat along its outer surface. You might need to add a bit more of what ever lubricant you used.

Thats it! You dont need to true the tyre or round the edges, just leave it 10 minutes for the lubricant to dry off and you are ready to race!

To re-use the wheel just cut the tyre off with a knife or scissors and pull off the tape. No more acetone needed!!!!!!

Theres a video below showing how to mount the tyre. In the video he mounts the wheel in a drill and uses a rasp and sandpaper to remove the inner bead (but other ways work!). He also rounds the edges of the tyre which there is no need to do. But you will get the idea by watching the video.

Car Setup

There arent a lot of changes you will need to make from a regular carpet setup. Youre really just looking for a bit more grip on the rear. But a couple of pointers would be to soften the rear springs a little, add a degree of rear toe-in. Everything after that would be personal preference for how you drive. We have experimented with a lot of other changes, like heavier diff oil, but most drivers ended up going back somewhere between 5-10K.

The most useful thing you could do, though, is not use too hot a motor. Most Open/Modified class drivers who ran 6.5T brushless motors have changed to 8.5T. Those that didnt took any ESC and end can timing off, and even used "softening" to take a bit of grunt away. Its a real case of slower is faster.

Watch your gear ratio! As the tyre wears the diameter decreases. This means every now and then you will need to increase the size of your pinion. Roughly, when the tyre wears by 3-4mm increase the number of teeth on the pinion by 1.

FInally, we have noticed that when the car has been sitting up for the week, that when first put on the track it takes about 3 laps for them to start to work. But thats it... you dont need to worry about doing that before each race, and morning practice gives you the chance to scrub off the tyre.

If you want to read more, we wrote an article a few months after we first started to use these tyres. If you Click here, you can read it.

It really is true that these tyres last for weeks of racing, and remain consistent right up until they are almost down to the wheel! We have heard all sorts of stuff about what makes them better, including that you they are faster when the are worn down so need to be trued till theres just a few mills left on them, they NEED addative (its banned at the club anyway), and they work better when warm. Its all rubbish! These are the easiest maintained most consistant tyre we have used at the club ever!

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