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Newbies guide to race day

LiPo (Lithium Polymer) Charging Sacks are mandatory at the DMCC Please Click here for details

A few new drivers have told us that they feel a bit lost when the first arrive at the track. They dont know what they should be doing, when their race is, how to sign up for a race etc. So reading the guide below we hope to make it a little easier for you.

The track is open at 10am, and we would advise getting there for then as this will give you plenty of time to find your feet

All of the information below is nice to know, however when a new driver arrives at our club, we keep an eye on them, tell them what the need to be doing and explain what they need to know. We were all beginners once and understand that everyone needs to learn. So dont be worried, just come along and we will look after you. Maybe even make you some tea.

When you first arrive at our venue at the Naul you will find plenty of parking, so grab a space and come on in. You will see that eveyone has a table with all their equipment on it, there is usually plenty of tables available. Most tables belong to someone, but we do have a few spare ones, so just ask the nearest driver and they will tell you where to set up.

If you arent sure ASK!!!. You will find racers at the DMCC are helpful and if the person you ask doesnt have an answer for you they will grab the person that does.

Before you do anything else, book in. This is just a case of letting us know you are racing. In the right hand corner of the pit area you will see laptops and screens, this is "Race Control". Just go over there and you will find the Race Director setting up the races for the day. He will give you the booking in sheet where you will put your name and pay him your race fee.

The next thing you will need is a transponder and a race number. This is used to for timing your car. Usually around 10.45 the order of the race heats will be posted on the notice board (beside the canteen area), on this list you will see your name and the car number in the heat that you are in, it will also show you the transponder you have been assigned (Yellow 1=Y1, Black 1=B1 etc). You can now go back to race control to collect it. The race director will help you get the right one.Here you can also collect a number sticker corresponding to the car number you have been assigned

In order to get your Transponder into your car you will need a body reamer. You may not have one, but ask the nearest person to you and they will help you out. You will need to put a hole in your body shell to mount the Transponder using a large body clip. Just put your car number anywhere on the body it will fit.

The races for the day will consist of a number of rounds of Qualifing heats and a few Finals. Usually at the DMCC we have three rounds of Qualifying and a two leg FInal. SO you will get to have five races for the day.

You will have seen from the heats that were posted on the notice board which one you are in e.g. 2WD Clubman Heat 2, so that means you are the second race for the day.

The computer will continually announce whats going on, so listen out for your heat. It will say somthing along the lines of "Two wheel drive clubamn heat 2 starts in 3 minutes". When you hear your heat called you can head towards the rostrum with your car. Leave your car in the orange area at the side of the track and find a comfortable spot on the rostrum. When no cars are on the straight, you can now roll on to the track and have a practise lap or two.

The race director and the computer will call that the race starts in 30 seconds, at this point you can line up your car with the others at the start line. The heats are a "staggered start", which means you go when your number is called. In the heats you are racing against the clock, though as its your fist race meeting you are more than likely just trying to get your car around in one piece.

At the end of the race, there will be a loud horn sound. When you hear this KEEP GOING until you have crossed the finish line. When you have crossed it, wait untill all other cars have finished, and then you can leave the rostrum

After your race you will have just enough time to put your car on charge and get back to the track to Marshal. You will see five numbered marshalling positions. What ever the number of your car is the marshalling position you take. When that race is over, you will have plenty of time to have your car charged and ready for the next round. It will all be in the same order as the first round, except the staggered start may be in a different order (though your car number doesnt change). The computer will call out the order, and so will the race director.

At all points during the day it will be announced over the PA whats going on. When we break for lunch, how much time till the next round etc, just keep your ears open.

After the three rounds of qualifying the two leg final will begin. Again, this information will be posted on the notice board. Your car number will have changed, though your transponder number wont. Your new car number dictates your position on the grid. So just check the finals list and you will see that you are in somthing like "2wd C final", and the finals are listed in the order that they will happen.

Again like heats, the finals will be called by the computer, and you will get a couple of practise laps in before you line up on the grid. The race director will be calling for you to line up around 30 seconds before the race. Go roughly to your grid position, and someone will put your car in its starting box.

All cars in the finals go at the same time. Just like formula 1. There will be ten beeps, followed by a pause then a louder horn sound. GO on the horn sound. When the race is over after 5 minutes there will be a horn sound, First across the line is the winner. After the horn has sounded, finish your lap in a similar way to the heats.

In a similar manner you will have to Marshal the next race

After you have completed your finals and marshalling the last thing you need to do is hand back your Transponder. And that it! Race Day over!

in short you will need....

  • Park your car
  • Find a table and set up
  • Book in at race control
  • Find out your Transponder and race number and mount your transponder
  • Listen for your heat to be called and be on the start line 30 seconds before the race starts.
  • After heats, find out your Final and your new race number. Listen for your race and be on the grid 30 seconds before it starts.
  • Hand back your transponder and go home worn out but happy!
  • Again, at any point during the day you arent sure whats going on, ask someone. Most people there will be more experienced than you. Even newish drivers will have a good idea. Dont ever be afraid to ask, as we will always be willing to give you a dig out. If your car is broken and you`re not sure how to fix it, ASK! WE WILL HELP!!

    Even if someone is busy they will point you towards someone who isn`t so we get you up and running. And you will find people pretty friendly and helpful at all times.

    Also in our Rules Section You will find a guide to Marshalling and a guide to Drivers Etiquitte. We would ask that you have a read of these before you come to race. There is a lot to take in, but essentially it asks that you marshal cars a quick and safely as you can, and try not to crash into people when your racing. A list of Fees can also be found here

    Also have a look at our Timetable and Basic Info page. This shows the current Race timetable we are running and basic facts and figures thats helpful to know Timetable and Info to help you know what to do

    The DMCC always welcomes new members and we always do our best to make sure you enjoy your racing. Things can seem complicated at first, but there are lots of more experienced people who will help you out as much as we can.

    And again, its always a good idea to come and visit us before you buy a car to get as much local advice on the correct choice.