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The DMCC Summer Championship 2017 dates announced....

The DMCC Summer Championship 2017 dates have been posted to the Club Calendar

There will be 10 rounds in total, with 6 best scores to count for the final results.

We will be running the Championship to our General Rules.

So nows the time to update your diaries and make your excuses as to why you`ll be "busy" at the weekends.....

LiPo sacks must be used at all times when charging LiPo of LiFe Cells. Failure to do so will result in you not being allowed to race. As you will not be insured in the event of an accident.

Information for Racers attending the Summer Championships.....

Please make yourself aware of the Rules, and also the Supplementary Regulations however please read below for some important points we will would like you to pay attention to.

  • LiPo sacks must be used at all times when charging LiPo of LiFe Cells. Failure to do so will result in you not being allowed to race.
  • Clubman cars are limited to Brushless 10.5 Motors or higher. End bell timing is allowed. No ESC timing is allowed and this must be proved by the driver if requested
  • The Race format is 3 Qualifying heats followed by a 2 leg Final.
  • Qualifying is Round by Round, with your best 2 rounds to count.
  • In Finals, points will be awarded based on where you finish (1st position gets 1 point, 2nd gets 2 points), the person with the lowest overall score wins, the next lowest is 2nd etc...
  • Championship points will be awarded for Qualifying position AND Final Position
  • Only DMCC Members will recieve points. Non-Members will not be allowed to race as its unfair to members

  • Race day will be run as per Timetable
  • Any racer who turns up late must wait between rounds to get registered regardless of if they arrive before their heat/race
  • Once a round has started, no race will be held for any reason, apart from issues with the timing system. A round will be deemed to have started when the 5 minute warning has been given by the computer
  • We can give drivers extra time between rounds, as long as the total round time is less than one hour. Drivers must inform the committee that they need time, as early as possible and we will announce the extra time to all drivers.
  • No practice is allowed between rounds, however the race director may allow you to use the straight to set your slipper etc. No cars may drive on the track until 2 minutes before a race (the computer will call this)

  • Marshalls must be on the track at least 30 seconds before a race, we will not be calling for marshalls. Please read Guide to Marshalling
  • Poor and unfair driving will not be tolerated and we will be issuing penalties. We advise all drivers to read our Guide to Drivers Etiquette

We want to remind drivers that the Committee are racing too and want to enjoy the day as much as you. If you feel agreived, please take a moment and remember we are giving up our time to run racing for you. If you are given a penalty, be a sportsman and accept it. We dont like giving you penalties any more than you like getting them. :)

If there is anything we can help you with, please come to us at any time, or contact us via Email.

Most importantly........... HAVE FUN!!!

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