DMCC Annual General Meeting 2018 announced....

This year’s AGM will be held on Sunday Oct 7th after racing (Winter Championship Round 2), at the Naul Track. The meeting will start at approx. 16:00

The AGM is your chance, as a member, to make changes to rules or constitution. It is also your chance to put yourself forward to become a committee member, and give back something to the Club. Though we won’t be pushing or forcing anyone to do this.

It’s also the Committee’s chance to tell you what we have been doing all year.

It is very important for members to attend to have your say and tell us how you would like to see the club run in the coming year.

Remember, if you don’t attend the AGM, you have no right to complain about any rules or how things are decided in the coming year!

No more proposals for rule changes will be accepted.

Please note:

If you would like to discuss any particular item, you must email the Secretary and let us know in advance. We will then add your item to the agenda. You MUST let us know in advance, or we will not discuss it at the AGM.

All Rule changes must be submitted by Sept 24th

Links to the current rule book and constitution are below

DMCC Rule Book 2018

DMCC Club Constitution 2018

Please email them or any other issue you want raised to dublinmodelcarclub@gmail.com

Updates Below


The Agenda is as follows, however will be updated as members request subjects.

  • Minutes of AGM 2018 and points of action taken by the committee. Minutes can be found here, so members can read them before the meeting.
  • Chairpersons Report
  • Secretary`s Report
  • Treasurer`s Report and Club Accounts
  • Rule Changes
  • Recycling Bin
  • Opening/Closing times to facilitate more racing.
  • Refereeing. In order to ensure every race is refereed we want to discuss ways of members doing this.
  • More members learning to do booking in/run racing. Possible rota system.
  • Election of new Committee (A number of current committee members will not be remaining on the committee. We need members to step up and put work and effort into running the club, or there will be no club!!)

  • Rule Change Template
  • The following rule changes have been proposed (click to open):

    See you there!!

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